BoincTasks Js Download


V 1.16 Linux x86-64 – Arm

Snap store command line:
Release: sudo snap install boinctasks-js
Latest: sudo snap install –candidate boinctasks-js
Start: boinctasks-js

Download package (Debian)

BoincTasks Js (deb) version 1.16
BoincTasks Js (deb) version 1.15 (Sandbox error on install, but OK)
BoincTasks Js (deb) version 1.14
BoincTasks Js (deb) version 1.12


You can auto update in BoincTasks Js -> Help -> Update

BoincTasks Js (Windows) version 1.16
BoincTasks Js (Windows) version 1.15
BoincTasks Js (Windows) version 1.14

Mac x86-64

BoincTasks Js (Mac – zip ) version 1.15
BoincTasks Js (Mac – zip ) version 1.14
BoincTasks Js (Mac – zip ) version 1.12

  • Download by clicking on the link above.
  • With Finder open Downloads and move Boinctasks Js to Applications.
  • Open Finder and move BoincTasks Js to the Application folder.
  • Open BoincTasks Js and confirm. (It’s notarized by Apple.).

Version Information

More on GitHub.

1.15 May 2021

  • Added: Windows: TThrottle Temperature and TThrottle % (Run %) column.
  • Added: Linux: Connection with Send Sensors to show Temperature and GPU run %.
  • Added: Linux: Arm build in Snap store.
  • Added: Project reset.
  • Added: History colors.
  • Changed: Footer icons, now fill the circle.
  • Changed: Shows warning on a filter delete.
  • Fixed: Message tab stays blank on a restart of the remote computer.
  • Fixed: Unable to select items in an open filter with click->Shift click.
  • Fixed: Logging Error if a computer has zero tasks.

1.14 April 2021 Warning read **.

  • Added: Rules: Connection changed or lost
  • Added: Rules: Action send Email and Alert.
  • Added: Windows, auto update in check for update dialog.
  • Changed: ** Settings folder from Boinctasks… -> BoincTasks…. In Linux you must rename the old folder.
  • Changed: Computers -> Find now finds computers with BOINC installed, with password or refused to connect issues.
  • Changed: Mac menu.
  • Changed: Windows, BoincTasks Js added to autostart.
  • Fixed: Transfer tab project column shows file instead of project.
  • Fixed: Settings BoincTasks Js a rare blank dialog.

1.12 April 2021

  • Added: REC column in projects.
  • Added: Rules (limited alpha version).
  • Added: Show->Debug (Debugging purposes only).
  • Changed: Tasks result name.
  • Fixed: Tasks -> Properties shows undefined fields.
  • Fixed: CPU and Progress missing fraction.
  • Fixed: Removed test context message on header.
  • Fixed: On click opened filters on more than one computer.
  • Fixed: Ready to report filter doesn’t add elapsed time.

1.11 April 2021

  • Added: BoincTasks Setting, Socket timeout.
  • Fixed: Boinc settings shows blank screen if local global_prefs_override.xml is missing.
  • Fixed: Connection timeout problems, resulting in busy message.
  • Fixed: Failed to detach from project.

1.10 March 2021

  • Added: Enable – Disable columns.
  • Added: Tasks, extra columns, checkpoint/received/memory.
  • Fixed: Small bug fixes.

1.09 March 2021

  • Added: Report completed task icon.
  • Added: User definable font and size in BoincTasks settings.