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V 1.24 Linux x86-64 – Arm

Snap store command line:
Release: sudo snap install boinctasks-js
Latest: sudo snap install –candidate boinctasks-js
Start: boinctasks-js

Download package (Debian)

BoincTasks Js (deb) version 1.24
BoincTasks Js (deb) version 1.23
BoincTasks Js (deb) version 1.22
BoincTasks Js (deb) version 1.21

Deb command line:
sudo dpkg -i ./boinctasks-js_1.2.3_amd64.deb (use the right version!)
sudo dpkg –remove boinctasks-js

Universal x86 (32bit), x86-64 (64bit), Arm 64 (64bit)

You can auto update in BoincTasks Js -> Help -> Update

BoincTasks Js (Windows) version 1.24
BoincTasks Js (Windows) version 1.23
BoincTasks Js (Windows) version 1.22
BoincTasks Js (Windows) version 1.21

Mac x86-64, Arm 64

  • Download by clicking on the link above.
  • With Finder open Downloads and move Boinctasks Js to Applications.
  • After the first time, select replace.
  • In Applications open BoincTasks Js and confirm. (It’s notarized by Apple.).

Version Information

More on GitHub.

1.24 September 2021

  • Fixed: While adding a project always use the URL, in case a user provided URL is used.
  • Fixed: Settings sometimes failed to save.
  • Changed: BoincTasks Setting close window after pressing Apply

1.23 August 2021

  • Added: Debug -> Ping shows raw State, Results, Projects and Messages.
  • Changed: Localhost only tries to read the password file if the port is 31416
  • Changed: Moved the debug menu from show to extra.
  • Fixed: A blank port now changes to 31416
  • Fixed: An illegal integer port number messed up all other entries, showing NaN.

1.22 August 2021

  • Added: French translation.
  • Added: Startup language selector.
  • Added: Projects tab: Venue.
  • Added: Projects: WWW icon that shows project web links.
  • Fixed: About: Links open 2 identical windows.
  • Fixed: Boinc settings: Incorrect default values.
  • Fixed: Boinc settings: If there is no override all fields are empty.
  • Fixed: Boinc settings: Invalid number if not English, accept , as . .
  • Fixed: Uninitialized Dark mode shows error in logging.

1.21 Juli 2021

  • Added: Data transfer graph.
  • Added: Computer tab -> Properties.
  • Changed: Boinc Settings, show waiting to retrieve message.
  • Changed: Computer tab, confirmation before deleting computer.
  • Fixed: Boinc Settings showed blank fields.
  • Fixed: Notices: A new notice is initially closed, should be open.
  • Fixed: Blank project names.
  • Fixed: Projects fails to sort on status.

1.20 June 2021

  • Added/Changed: Column resizing uses icon in header.
  • Fixed: Computer sidebar not sorted.
  • Fixed: Computer sidebar connection icon mismatch.
  • Fixed: Error logging, generates error on empty Notice.

1.19 June 2021

  • Added: Notices, collapse and move to archive.
  • Added: Error and Debug logging to file -> BoincTasks Js\logging.
  • Added: Mac: Docking menu.
  • Fixed: View->Hide or change column order shows undefined.
  • Fixed: Restore main window maximized.
  • Fixed: Mac: App blocks system shutdown.

1.18 May 2021

  • Added: Dutch/Nederlands translation.
  • Added: Show tip messages if text is too long e.g. ….
  • Added: Project selection in computer sidebar.
  • Added: Transfers, Retry all icon/button.
  • Added: Mac arm64 build.
  • Fixed: Main windows and Statistics windows didn’t store maximised state.
  • Fixed: Transfers -> elapsed showed larger negatives.
  • Fixed: Projects -> deferred shows negative value, should be none.
  • Fixed: If the computer has no work, projects show Initialize.
  • Fixed: History, selection very slow.

1.17 May 2021

  • Added: Windows: 32 bit and Arm 64 now in a unified installer.
  • Fixed: Windows, didn’t detect a new version.

1.16 May 2021

  • Added: Account manager.
  • Added: Dark mode.
  • Added: User definable selection color.
  • Changed: Always show ready to report in Tasks tab.
  • Changed: When select Boinc settings a warning is shown if there is no computer or more than one computer selected.
  • Changed: Progress now a bar instead of …
  • Changed: Version number moved to header.
  • Fixed: History sometimes shows Initializing, auto fix if the project is still present.
  • Fixed: Deadline doesn’t show a negative time.
  • Fixed: Rare error when starting BoincTasks JS when it’s running in the background.

1.15 May 2021

  • Added: Windows: TThrottle Temperature and TThrottle % (Run %) column.
  • Added: Linux: Connection with Send Sensors to show Temperature and GPU run %.
  • Added: Linux: Arm build in Snap store.
  • Added: Project reset.
  • Added: History colors.
  • Changed: Footer icons, now fill the circle.
  • Changed: Shows warning on a filter delete.
  • Fixed: Message tab stays blank on a restart of the remote computer.
  • Fixed: Unable to select items in an open filter with click->Shift click.
  • Fixed: Logging Error if a computer has zero tasks.

1.14 April 2021 Warning read **.

  • Added: Rules: Connection changed or lost
  • Added: Rules: Action send Email and Alert.
  • Added: Windows, auto update in check for update dialog.
  • Changed: ** Settings folder from Boinctasks… -> BoincTasks…. In Linux you must rename the old folder.
  • Changed: Computers -> Find now finds computers with BOINC installed, with password or refused to connect issues.
  • Changed: Mac menu.
  • Changed: Windows, BoincTasks Js added to autostart.
  • Fixed: Transfer tab project column shows file instead of project.
  • Fixed: Settings BoincTasks Js a rare blank dialog.

1.12 April 2021

  • Added: REC column in projects.
  • Added: Rules (limited alpha version).
  • Added: Show->Debug (Debugging purposes only).
  • Changed: Tasks result name.
  • Fixed: Tasks -> Properties shows undefined fields.
  • Fixed: CPU and Progress missing fraction.
  • Fixed: Removed test context message on header.
  • Fixed: On click opened filters on more than one computer.
  • Fixed: Ready to report filter doesn’t add elapsed time.

1.11 April 2021

  • Added: BoincTasks Setting, Socket timeout.
  • Fixed: Boinc settings shows blank screen if local global_prefs_override.xml is missing.
  • Fixed: Connection timeout problems, resulting in busy message.
  • Fixed: Failed to detach from project.

1.10 March 2021

  • Added: Enable – Disable columns.
  • Added: Tasks, extra columns, checkpoint/received/memory.
  • Fixed: Small bug fixes.

1.09 March 2021

  • Added: Report completed task icon.
  • Added: User definable font and size in BoincTasks settings.