BoincTasks Js quick start

Indicator and version

The red arrow shows the running indicator, and version to the right.

The running indicator runs down to zero, to indicate the time to the next time it retrieves the latest info from the BOINC client.
Defaults to 2 seconds and can be adjusted in Extra -> BoincTasks settings

Auto start

To start BoincTasks Js every time at startup:

Ubuntu: Apps -> Startup Applications and add an entry, Name: BoincTasks Js, Command: boinctasks-js
Windows: Settings, search for “Startup” apps. Set the slider next to BoincTasks to On.

While BoincTasks Js is visible it uses the CPU, to start minimize Extra -> BoincTasks -> Check “Hide BoincTasks Js at login” .

Find and set computers