BoincTasks crashes

A crash shouldn’t happen but sometimes it does.

For normal use the crash is handled automatically, without user interference.
In the expert tab check “Silently restart on a crash”.  For more info.

Now restart your computer, because once in a while it’s the operating system that causes the crash.

First of all, try the latest beta version. It’s very well possible, that your problem has been fixed.

When BoincTasks crashes on your system, you may help by providing with more information.

What is needed, is a minidump file, that contains all the information about the crash.

This file is automatically generated by BoincTasks and can be found here:

C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\eFMer\BoincTasks\crash

Check for the file with the right time stamp.

To make the files as small as possible: Use a program like rar, 7zip, zip or use the build in Windows compression.
7zip produces the best results.

You can ONLY  send crash files from the latest beta version, crash files from older version are useless to investigate.
Furthermore  only send crash files when they occur repeatedly, so DONOT send a crash that occurred only once.

Next go to and send the file to me.

Use the following email address: B#O#I#N#C#at (Remove the # and at is @)

If the crash is consistent, tell me more about what you did, or see right before the crash.