BoincTasks Js Rules

V 1.12 Warning experimental, as always use at your own risk.


Once one or more rules are set, (active) results are read every 30 seconds.
When a rule matches, it results in a selected action, some rules trigger immediately, others after a time in minutes.
Once a rule triggers and e.g. suspends a task, the actual command is executed within one tick (30 seconds).
Use Show – > Rules log to follow rule triggering.

Add rules

Do Not add rules manually using Rules -> Edit -> Add rule. This is for experts only, because one small typo, wrong capital or space can prevent the rule from executing.
Use the Tasks tab, select a taks of the right type and press Add rule in the footer.


For a rule to match Computer, Project, App version and Application must match EXCACTLY.
Us the rule button in the footer of the Tasks tab, after selecting a matching task.
Computer may be left empty to match all computer, the same for Project, App version or Application.
That said, use blank items sparingly as they may result is a large number of items to compare.


E.g. set value to 4:00:00 (4 hours) the rule is immediately triggered once Elapsed reaches and goes over 4 hours.

Δ Elapsed

Subtracts Elapsed time – previous Elapsed time, every 30 seconds. So the value can never be more than 30.
Add a time interval of e.g. 10, to prevent triggering too soon, the rule must be true in the 10 minute window.
* More time consuming rule.

Time Left

E.g. set a value of 02:00 ( 2 minutes) the rule triggers immediately once Time Left goes below 2 minutes.