Android Debug

BOINC for Android is still running

Connection will fail if there is another BOINC client running.
On your Android device go to:

Settings -> Apps If you find BOINC, click and select force stop.

Show logging

For advance use, go to the Debug menu and select Show logging.
This shows the most recent App logging, this includes information and error messages.
Some errors aren’t actual errors but just state what happened.

Logging to file

The App can store the loggings to a file.
Go to the Debug menu and select Logging to file.
The App will ask for permission to access, in order to write to log file.

Log files are stored in the folder “BOINC for BoincTasks -> logging”.
Copy one of the files to your computer and open it in a text editor.
The file is rather technical and will be of little use to most users.