Migrate from BoincTasks

Copy computers

Install BoincTasks Js and start it. BoincTasks Js most likely detected and shows your local machine.

Both BoincTasks and BoincTasks Js use the same main storage folder:
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\, in the text called MSF

BoincTasks: MSF\eFMer\BoincTasks
BoincTasks JS: MSF\BoincTasks Js\settings

Now copy the computer.xml file from MSF\eFMer\BoincTasks -> MSF\BoincTasks Js\settings.
If the MSF\BoincTasks Js\settings folder isn’t there, go to the menu, View -> Sidebar Computers (BoincTasks Js). Uncheck and check the setting Sidebar Computers. This triggers a write and creates the settings folder.

In BoincTasks Js menu File->Restart. After the restart you should see all your computers you set in BoincTasks.


You can run both BoincTasks and BoincTasks Js at the same time without any problems. This gives you time to build up a new history file.

Move BoincTasks Js to another computer

Simply copy the folder MSF\BoincTasks Js\settings to a new computer.
Best do this after BoincTasks Js is installed.
The folder MSF\BoincTasks Js might not be present and must be created.

On all machines you can find the MSF folder in BoincTasks Js using the menu Show -> Debug log. Now look for the line “Folder data”.