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32 and 64 Bits [English, Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Portuguese/Brazilian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish] Tested on Vista, W7, 8, 10)

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Just change the version number.

Version history

7.78 June 2023 Beta

  • Fixed: BoincTasks Temperature Graph failed to display all items, only showed Core temperatures, introduced V 7.732.

7.77 May 2023 Beta

  • Changed: Version number from 7.7.7 -> 7.77.
  • Fixed: BoincTasks Temperature Graph failed to display all items, only showed Core temperatures, introduced V 7.732.

7.75 Januari 2023 Beta

  • Changed: Temperature support from 16 -> 32 cores.

7.732 August 2020 Beta

  • New:  Support for Open Hardware Monitor (external tab).

7.72 September 2017 Release version

  • Fixed: Force GPU as detected, if an external GPU is set in the external tab.

7.71 August 2017

  • Fixed: A crash in TThrottle when trying to set TThrottle values in BoincTasks.
  • Fixed: When HWiNFO hasn’t updated the data within 4 seconds reinitialize HWiNFO.

7.70 August 2017

  • New:  Support for HWiNFO, TThrottle is now able to read all CPU and GPU temperature sensors.
  • Changed: GPU-Z support moved to Extern tab.
  • Changed: All exe and setup signed by Comodo certificate.
  • Fixed: Persistent ghost lines while scaling the main window.
  • Fixed: F1 help key pointed to the wrong page.

7.60 July 2017

  • Changed: Redesigned temperature window.
  • Fixed: Numerous problems with the temperature window.
  • This version is build from 7.51

7.52 August 2014 Release version

  • New: Temperature window: User defined colors.
  • Changed: Temperature window: Enlarge while dragging, makes it easier to hold on.
  • Fixed: Detection if a window is on screen, sometimes failed.  Now detect if it’s on a valid monitor.

7.51 May 2014

  • Fixed: A rare crash, while communicating with BoincTasks.

7.50 April 2014

  • New: When checking “start at login” elevate to administrator, if the current user has insufficient rights to change the setting.
  • New: Detect if windows are off screen.
  • New: If administrator only access is set, ask for administrator name and password to open/exit TThrottle.
  • Changed: Always show the exit menu after 1 minute.

7.40 January 2014

  • New: Interface with GPU-Z to read the GPU temperature. See expert tab.

7.30 December 2013

  • Fixed: AMD family > 0x15 CPU sets offset to 15C. But doesn’t allow the user to change this setting.
  • Fixed: Graph limit temperatures always stored in Celsius.
  • Fixed: Scalable graph: When set to Fahrenheit, only convert temperatures to Fahrenheit.

7.22 October 2013

  • Fixed: TThrottle crashed at startup.

7.21 October 2013

  • New: Expert: Check to enable or disable keeping the temperature graph on disk.
  • Changed: Restarts TThrottle on: a change of language, a change in the graph buffer.
  • Fixed: Logging failed to use the for debug tag .
  • Fixed: Taskbar: Starting on of the 2 Graphs at startup may result in a crash.

7.20 October 2013

  • Fixed: Sometimes a child process was found that wasn’t a child at all.
  • Fixed: Windows 8.1, serious problem, fails to show CPU run %. Does work when running as administrator.
  • Fixed: The logging did’t show Windows 8 as OS.

7.17 October 2013

  • Changed: Graph file recording 1 hour interval -> 6 hour interval.
  • Changed: Remove older files (30 days) from : eFMer\TThrottle\log\temperature
  • Fixed: The time base was off by 1-2 percent, causing a small offset over time. And leaves gaps in the graph after a restart.

7.16 October 2013

  • Fixed: An undetermined, but sometime large reserved peak memory used at start-up. (Thanks Pepo for reporting).
  • Fixed: Don’t let GPU tasks show up as idle, because of a low CPU percentage.

7.15 September 2013

  • New: Portuguese language.
  • Fixed: Didn’t always scale right when moving back in time.

7.14 September 2013

  • Fixed: The temperature graph leaves a gap every 6 hours.

7.12 August 2013

  • Fixed: A crash on some computers.

7.11 August 2013

  • Fixed: Graphic, failed to read back throttle, GPU and max.
  • Fixed: Graphic, reject incompatible temperature logs. (different cores/gpu)
  • Fixed: Graphic, reading back the graph could result in a crash.
  • Fixed: AMD GPU, showed inactive GPU’s.

7.10 August 2013

  • New: Graph now stored on disk.
  • Changed: Graph: 1 day -> 1-7 Days.
  • Changed: Exit menu item hidden, while busy reading the temperature graph back from file.
  • Changed: *.log file now uses UNICODE.
  • Changed: Delete any files in the log folder after 30 days.
  • Changed: If the connection with the BOINC client is lost, delete and rebuild connection.
  • Changed: Now detects VBoxHeadless as a vbox application.
  • Fixed: Failed to read tthrottle.xml.
  • Fixed: Writing to *.log sometimes failed.
  • Fixed: Always exclude boinc.exe as the parent of a child process.

7.01 June 2013

  • Changed: Below W7 uses driver V 2.4 (WDF V1.5).
  • Changed: Installdriver V 1.41, some cosmetic changes.
  • Fixed: Failed to install driver on systems below Windows 7.

7.00 June 2013

  • New: Startup log: TThrottle Startup.log.
  • New: Dump file cleanup after 14 days.
  • New: Limit the number of crashes to 20 / 12 hours.
  • Changed: Changed: Installer V 1.40, driver CoInstaller V 1.9.
  • Changed: Driver V 2.5, log processors/group.
  • Changed: New xml parser.
  • Changed: All xml files are now in Unicode.
  • Changed: Uses language files (ttlang), instead of language dll’s.
  • Fixed: Crashed when there were no tasks.

6.60 May 2013, withdrawn

  • New: Supports multiple BOINC clients on localhost.
  • Changed: Redesigned program list.
  • Fixed: Sometimes failed to throttle in driver mode (Vista and up), with more than 10 processes.

6.50 May 2013

  • New: A child process now shows run %.
  • New: Temperature offset in Expert dialog. Set to 15C on AMD 15h Family.
  • Fixed: If the run% can’t be read, assume 100%, until now a value of -1 was used.
  • 6.40 April 2013
  • New: Dutch version logo and link.
  • Fixed: The set GPU temperature didn’t switch correctly between C and F.
  • Fixed: The graph on systems without a GPU, gray Cpu% and Max.

6.31 November 2012

  • Fixed: A rare but serious bug, that crashes TThrottle as soon as it connects to BOINC. Happens only when TThrottle runs as user and after: 1) BOINC crashes. 2) The BOINC installer runs.
  • Fixed: Typo in temperature Dialog 16->15.

6.30 October 2012

  • New: Treat as in use, when specific programs are running. Makes it possible to throttle differently when a program is running.

6.20 October 2012

  • Fixed: Sometimes failed to throttle, within a minute at startup. Now shows xx1,xx2,xxx for detecting idle processes. At point xxx the process is no longer throttled.

6.10 September 2012

  • New: Second graph. To allow showing e.g. CPU and GPU separately.
  • New: Hot keys for the graphs and the main TThrottle dialog.

6.00 August 2012

  • New: Add: GPU activity bar.
  • Changed: Additional ATI GPU logging.

5.93 August 2012

  • New: Portuguese / Brazilian.
  • New: ATI GPU xml setting: set to 1 will include cards that are not active.

5.91/5.92 August 2012

  • Fixed: Sometimes crashed at startup.

5.90 August 2012

  • New: Detect GPU device automatically for independent throttling. Implemented in BOINC 7.10.30.
  • Changed: Now silently restarts on a crash.
  • Fixed: A rare crash in the BoincTasks communication.
  • Fixed: The crash report was created in the program folder instead of the user temp folder.
  • Fixed: The driver regulator failed to regulate the GPU, when there where no CPU tasks.

5.80 July 2012

  • Changed: Supported cores now 32 (prev: 16).
  • Changed: The logging shows BT connection logging only when: 1 is included in tthrottle.xml.
  • Changed: The logging shows AMD register dumps, if debug is checked.

5.70 June 2012

  • New: Option to adjust the core temperature at the source. See tthrottle.xml.
  • New: Independent GPU temperature control. E.g. 70;75;80;65.
  • Fixed: The calibration can take a very long time on I5 CPU’s.

5.61 June 2012

  • Fixed: Emails couldn’t be send on XP machines.

5.60 May 2012

  • New: Rule: Hibernate. <- new translation
  • New: Crash dump. Installs dbghelp.dll in the TThrottle folder.
  • Changed: Latest GPU Libraries.
  • Fixed: Registered 0 (unused) Hot-key.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the driver wasn’t ready yet and didn’t connect, resulting in no temperature readings. Retry 2 times after 10 and 20 seconds.

5.50 November 2011

  • New: Supports tasks running in a Virtual Box.
  • New: Log flag to log email arguments.

5.45 November 2011

  • Fixed: The mini window, sometimes shows an extra GPU temperature, with huge negative numbers.

5.44 November 2011

  • New: Partial Swedish translation.
  • Fixed: Callibration problem with AMD, use 1 temperature sensor as default.

5.43 November 2011

  • Fixed: If there is only one temperature sensor, the calibration takes a long time and sometimes detects 2 sensors.
  • Fixed: Installation: Failed to place the desktop icon.

5.42 November 2011

  • Fixed: The mini temperature window, shows too many/wrong temperatures.

5.41 October 2011

  • Fixed: A handle leak, when a child process was detected.
  • Fixed: Temperature graph, move the color markings a couple of pixels to the left.

5.40 October 2011
You need BoincTasks 1.25 or up, if you want to use the Temperature graph in BoincTasks.

  • New: Debug flag to exclude, to debug the exclude process: 1.
  • Changed: Show XXX: 0 instead of CPU: 0, to show the task is excluded.
  • Changed: Max number of cores 8 -> 12.
  • Changed: Max number of Gpu’s 6-> 8.
  • Changed: Graphic: Max Cpu and Gpu lines, now show the actual max temperatures used
  • Changed: Salable graph redesigned.
  • Changed: No longer shows a warning if another copy of TThrottle is running
  • Fixed: Driver debug started on Control+Shift, should toggle on the keyword DRIVER.
  • Fixed: File logging, should toggle on the keyword LOGGING.
  • Fixed: After a calibration the temperature window shows the wrong number of cores.
  • Fixed: BOINC connection mode: Even with a list of 0 programs, the regulator keeps on regulating on the old list.

5.30 October 2011

  • New: A CPU and GPU temperature that is set if the computer isn’t used for xx seconds. (Preference)

5.20 September 2011

  • New: Exclude low usage projects. (tthrottle.xml) 2.5 default set to 0.5.
  • New: Show CPU percentage in logging: CPU: 1 (95%).

5.10 September 2011

  • New: In the expert tab a re-calibration button.
  • Changed: Core calibration, now logs the calibration in the file log. C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eFMer\TThrottle\log

5.00 August 2011

  • New: Remote access from BoincTasks.
  • New: BoincTasks password. For all data transfer between TThrottle and BoincTasks.

4.30 July 2011

  • Changed: Different email program, now using sendemail.exe to send emails.

4.21 July 2011

  • Changed: The “F1” button now redirects to the online “tthrottle_manual.html”.
  • Fixed: The taskbar icon is sometimes missing at startup.
  • Fixed: When the GPU throttle wasn’t set to independent, the GPU throttle wasn’t shown.

4.20 June 2011

  • Changed: Additional driver regulator diagnostics for debugging.
  • Fixed: (Serious) When used with more than 1 GPU, other GPU tasks where sometimes regulated to 1%.
  • Fixed: Logging: Didn’t detect Windows 7.

4.10 May 2011

  • Changed: Vista and up: The throttling regulator is now in the driver. This should eliminated all access problems for throttling.
  • Fixed: Double temperature numbers and sometimes the wrong color in the graphs.
  • Fixed: When the font is set to more than 100% the program list box is smaller than normal.
  • Fixed: (Intel) A read to the CPU to determine the TJunction temperature, caused the driver to crash on older cpu’s. Now only Family 0x6, Model: 0x1A, 0x1E, 0x1F, 0x25, 0x2C, 0x2E, 0x2A, 0x2D perform a read. If you know any others that are missing, please let me know.

3.60 May 2011

  • New: Independent temperature regulator for each GPU.
  • New: When a CPU signature changes a message box will be shown with a warning. At the same time the number of temperature sensors is checked.
  • New: An option in Preferences, to allowing opening the dialog, as administrator only.
  • Changed: Every GPU now has it’s own regulator thread, with a randomized offset.
  • Changed: Minimum CPU and GPU regulator 2->1%.
  • Fixed: In BOINC connection mode, TThrottle didn’t always reconnect when a connection was lost. (Due to a restart of the BOINC client).
  • Fixed: Graphs, draw the horizontal and vertical text last, to avoid them to be overdrawn by other items.

3.52 April 2011

  • Changed: Signed with new certificate 22-06-2013 (setup, exe, dll).
  • Fixed: AMD/ATI driver sometimes finds a NVidia GPU, in this case no GPU temperature is shown in the graphic

3.51 April 2011

  • Fixed: BOINC Connect mode crashes on CPU’s with > 16 cores. Buffer was too small.
  • Please send met the log, so I get some more data on the TJunction / CPU.
  • Warning this may crash the system on older CPU’s, I don’t think so, but there is a chance.

3.50 April 2011

  • New: Read the TJunction temperature directly from the CPU when possible.
  • Fixed: 3.501 A dll version mismatch in the Slovak dll.

3.42 April 2011

  • Changed: BOINC connected mode: Text Suspended -> Inactive.
  • Fixed: A crash on CPU’s with more than 8 cores.

3.41 March 2011

  • Fixed: BOINC connection mode: When tasks get suspended and the thread count goes to 0, detect Suspended and don’t add the tasks to the throttle list.
  • Fixed: As of V 3.2, One tasks isn’t assigned to any throttling regulator at all and is running at 100%.

3.40 March 2011

  • New: A flag in the tthrottle.xml file to disable the NVIDIA card reading (nvidia_number_gpu 0)
  • Changed: At startup the last visible state (hidden or shown), of the mini temperature window is show.
  • Changed: When CPU or GPU throttle is <= 2% the list rebuild if 4 times quicker.
  • Changed: The minimum GPU throttle is now 2%.
  • Fixed: ati_number_gpu couldn’t be set to 0 (tthrottle.xml).
  • Fixed: TThrottle hangs on program list, with details selected.
  • Fixed: Once in a while a parent PID is invalid and a couple of programs where added as child PID’s. (BOINC client mode only).

3.31 March 2011

  • Fixed: Throttle didn’t work on CPU’s with one core.

3.30 March 2011

  • New: Debug logging of the number of threads used for the CPU regulator.
  • Changed: The number of threads used for the CPU regulator is now: Cores/2.
  • Fixed: Some debug text was missing from the logging.
  • Fixed: The regulator was leaking handles, with some projects.

3.20 March 2011

  • Changed: Throttling is now using a random scattering pattern, to avoid simultaneous throttling of all cores.
  • Changed: The default minimum CPU throttle value is 2%, was 5%.
  • Changed: All exe and dll files are now signed.
  • Fixed: Stress(64).exe is no longer using the side by side dll’s.

3.11 November 2010

  • Fixed: A child process is shown in the list, but not throttled.

3.10 November 2010

  • New: An option in tthrottle.xml to exclude specific project (url’s). See examples.
  • New: An option in tthrottle.xml to create a file log. See examples.
  • Changed: Connect with BOINC client mode: Add child processes. This caused programs with wrappers not to throttle.

3.00 November 2010

  • New: Read the information about running tasks, directly from the BOINC client.
  • Changed: Allow programs to be throttled on both CPU and GPU. +_abp2cuda will include the exe in the CPU and GPU throttling.

2.30 October 2010

  • New: Send the temperature graph to BoincTasks. BoincTasks can show the temperature graph for the local and remote computer.

2.20 September 2010

  • New: Config.xml option to set the maximum number of ATI GPU’s detected.
  • New: Config.xml options to set the minimum and maximum regulation for the GPU.
  • Changed: Only 4 GPU temperatures where send to BoincTasks, now the number is 6.

2.10.1 August 2010

  • Changed: Installer V 1.31, some text updated. Installer now runs as administrator only.

2.10 August 2010

  • Changed: Now tells BoincTasks how many NVIDIA and ATI cards are present, for correct temperature assignment.
  • Fixed: Some CPU’s are looping in the temperature detection. Don’t use the detector on known CPU’s. Take known default values for: 1/2 cores Intel = 1/2 sensors, 1/2 cores Amd = 1/1 sensor.
  • Fixed: The ATI Gpu temperature was not read properly.
  • 2.00 August 2010
  • Changed: Updated NVIDIA libraries.
  • Changed: Drastically reduced TThrottle overhead, on some systems with NVIDIA cards and WIN 7.
  • Fixed: The Run time bar wasn’t working properly.

1.91 August 2010

  • Changed: Translation updates.
  • Fixed: AMD processors logged one temperature core less, that actually present. This Processor has (4) 0 Cores with a temperature sensor. Should be 1 instead of 0.

1.90 August 2010

  • Changed: Show NVIDIA and AMD/ATI cards in mixed systems.
  • Changed: The max number of GPU cards is 6.
  • Changed: Add __ati as default to the GPU list, when empty.
  • Changed: The mini window width is better calculated.
  • Changed: Revised driver V 2.0 that can handle more than 8 cores.
  • Changed: Adaptable temperature read from driver, reading only the cores needed.
  • Changed: The maximum number of temperature cores is 8, the maximum number of virtual cores is 16.
  • Fixed: RNA World puts play.exe in a slot. TThrottle added everything with play in it, like wmplayer.exe to the CPU list.

1.82 June 2010

  • Fixed: The 32 bit version doesn’t show the list boxes on some computers.

1.81 June 2010

  • Changed: TThrottle now sends the computer name to BoincTasks.
  • Changed: Multi language installer.
  • Fixed: Clicking on an empty rule list, a message box showed, with a parameter error.
  • Fixed: An active rule didn’t show in the color red.

1.80 May 2010

  • Changed: Moved from compiler V 2005 to V 2010.
  • Changed: Driver installer V 1.30, now shows Windows 7 machines.
  • Changed: Rules tab -> Show running processes: Moved process fetch and calculations, to another thread. This makes the load more distributed, on multi-core CPU’s. The same thread determines the runtime % minimum threshold for the general throttle.
  • Changed: General throttle: only throttles processes that use op more that 4% or a core time. This eliminates the huge list of background processes, from throttling.
  • Changed: Increased height of the dialog, needed as CPU’s tend to get more cores.
  • Changed: One unified installer for 32 and 64 bit. You have the remove the 64 bit version first!
  • Fixed: A potential crash may occur. (Close an already closed handle).

1.76 April 2010

  • Changed: The general rule: Special regulator for large amounts of processes.
  • Changed: The list is automatically rebuild quicker, when throttle levels are below 6% was 15%. (less overhead when the throttle is close to max).
  • Changed: Exclude BoincTasks.exe from the general throttle.
  • Changed: The general rule timer from 2 to 4 seconds.
  • Fixed: A rare TThrottle crash.

1.75 April 2010

  • New: Catalan language.
  • Changed: Processor Signature: 000006FD Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5250 @ 1.50GHz : TJunction is now 85C.

1.74 February 2010

  • Changed: The update dialog stayed on forever and blocked the program. Now the dialog is up for 1 minute.
  • Changed: In some cases the automatic detection of some projects like did not work. Additional checking added.
  • Changed: Restore the taskbar icon after a crash of explorer.exe.
  • Changed: Always show the graph after pressing the graph button. Sometimes it is hidden behind another window.

1.73 November 2009

  • New: Preference tab: Activate BoincTasks check and port number (default = 31417)
  • New: Integration with BoincTasks.. of local and remote hosts.
  • Changed: The cuda tab is removed, use the priority program, when you want to use this feature.
  • Changed: Logging tab: A debug checkbox replaces the DEBUG statement in the xml file.
  • Changed: Logging tab: The focus is now on the last line instead of the first line.
  • Changed: Improved internal handling of the floating mini window.
  • Fixed: A global memory leak, that can cause system instability over a longer period of time.

1.72 November 2009

  • New: Show CPU & GPU throttle as a bar in the mini window.
  • Changed: Some improvements in the AMD/ATI detection.[/s]

1.71 October 2009 Beta

  • New: A correction for the temperature of AMD 10h. Look in the xml file for details.
  • Changed: The rules dialog list now displays Black (disabled, waiting for reset value to activate), Blue (active), Yellow (triggered, time delay activated), Red (rule is now active).
  • Fixed: Sometimes the rules where triggered. This happened when the setting was close to the actual trigger point.

1.70 October 2009

  • New: Slovak language.
  • Improved the AMD/ATI detection.
  • Fixed: Graph: When Fahrenheit is selected, the bottom scaling was always 100 or less, never more.
  • Fixed: Graph: When Fahrenheit is selected, the red max lines are incorrect. Stay at ºC instead of ºF.
  • Fixed: Graph: The percentage was incorrect when Fahrenheit was selected.
  • Fixed: The GPU temperature in the first tab is incorrect when Fahrenheit is selected.

1.69 October 2009

  • Error: Some Primegrid exe where not detected.

1.68 September 2009

  • New: A hotkey in the Preference dialog, to hide the floating temperature window, with a key combination.
  • Changed: The NVidia handling is completely revised, to handle up to 4 cards, like two GTX 295 (double card).
  • Changed: The Cuda tab, it now supports up to 4 card.
  • Error: Some small fixes

1.67 August 2009 Beta

  • New: A new rule like if time 01:00 reboot or if time 00:00 email
  • Error: Some small fixes

1.66 Juli 2009 Beta

  • New: A new command in tthrottle.xml to correct the temperature for AMD F family processors. (check the example)
  • Changed: The tthrottle.xml is now more xml standard. Changed the comment begin and end string.

1.65 Juli 2009

  • Error: small bug fixes.

1.64 June 2009 Beta

  • Error: a small memory leak in the graphic display windows and the small temperature window.
  • Error: the alt tab entry (window list) of the small window is now gone

1.63 June 2009 Beta

  • New: The scalable graph, can show the throttle percentage of the CPU and GPU.
  • New: The graph colors are now fully user definable.
  • New: Extra rule “number” like if gpu number > 2 reboot, reboots the system if more than 2 cuda exe are kept in memory.
  • New: Supports AMD/ATI graphic cards.>
  • Changed: The hide button is gone, use [X] instead.
  • Error: Did not show multiple GPU’s, in temperature and graph.

1.62 June 2009

  • New: A general throttle is added, that can be engaged when the CPU temperature reaches a set temperature. It throttles all running programs (except system programs and services)
  • New: Added a lot of rules, to send emails, restart the system at certain temperatures, that are user adjustable.
  • New: A new mail program, allows sending mail with TLS (more secure).
  • New: The language can now be changed from the preference dialog.
  • New: The icon can now be changed from the xml file, as the static TThrottle icon or a percentage icon.
  • New: The Cuda priority changer, is now an official part of the program.
  • New: A progress bar, in the first tab, now indicates the percentage of work done on the computer.
  • Changed: Renamed some dialogs and moved them to a more logical place.
  • Changed: The treads lost handling is improved to minimize messages.
  • Changed: A red color in the programs tab now indicates that the general throttle is active.
  • Error: The throttle did not go all the way down to 5%.

1.60 June 2009

  • New: In the General throttle tab: A running programs window, that shows all running programs and the time they run.
  • New: Mail program, that for now can send the log file, but will be used for other thing in the future.
  • New: The Icon in the taskbar, now displays the throttle of the CPU (top) and GPU (bottom).
  • New: A floating mini window for displaying the temperatures. Can be placed anywhere on the desktop.
  • Error: Did not show the brand string on some computers.
  • Error: On a computer with a lot of projects, there was a potential crash, when activating TThrottle.
  • Error: On exit the throttle stayed on and setting the projects on 0%.
  • Error: Several small fixes.

1.59 June 2009

  • New: Full 8 Core support (driver changed to 1.9).
  • New: tthrottle.xml file. Now enables setting up 3 preset GPU temperatures, which can be changed from the taskbar (right mouse click over TThrottle icon).
  • New: Preference tab. With a TThrottle start at login check.
  • Error: Did not see more than one process, in the Thread menu. Fixed in text and graph, now can display up to 4 processes.
  • Error: Potential crash, when the Set temperature field is empty.
  • Error: Did not update the Set temperatures, when switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit and back.
  • Error: The program list, sometimes did not include all the throttled programs. This did not effect the throttling of the programs, they where throttled anyway.

1.58 May 2009

  • New: (experimental) Threads Tab, gives runtime information (graph) about the CPU/GPU and allows setting of the Process and Thread priority. See the forum FAQ for more info.
  • New: French, German, Spanish and Chinese(simplified) language.
  • New: Signed drivers for 32 & 64 bit, with thanks to the donors.
  • Changed: Reduced the GPU regulator overhead (user request).
  • Changed: Moved CPU info to the logging and removed the CPU Tab.

1.57 May 2009

  • New: Dutch language added.
  • Changed: Color cores/gpu in graphic.
  • Error: Memory leak, when TThrottle exits solved.
  • Error: TThrottle crashed when BOINC was not installed.

1.56 May 2009

  • New: Display version number in title bar main dialog (user request).
  • New: Draw indicator lines on CPU and GPU set temperature (user request).
  • New: Update BOINC directory when changed. Update at “Rebuild list after .. seconds” * 15 = 15 minutes (default). When CPU or GPU Running % is below 15%, interval is shorter, “Rebuild list after .. seconds” * 1 = 1 Minute (default) (user reported problem).
  • New: Now checks if there is another copy of TThrottle running and aborts if there is.
  • New: At last .. the problem with the AMD 0x10 Family processor is now solved, with the help of our testers.
  • Changed: The Core temperature for regulation, is the highest core temperature (1..8) (user request).
  • Changed: Reduced the CPU regulator overhead (user request).

1.55 February 2009

  • New: An expert setting for GPU mode Desktop – Laptop, for improved regulation.
  • New: An expert setting for Setting the rebuild time of the program list (default 60 seconds).

1.54 February 2009

  • Changed: Driver update to V 1.8. Problem with AMD processors solved.

1.53 February 2009

  • Changed: Driver update to V 1.7. A driver problem can cause stability problems
  • Changed: Optimised the temperature reading from the driver.
  • Changed: Some improvements in memory handling.

1.52 February 2009

  • New: Expert option the limit auto build of the program list.
  • Changed: Optimised the temperature reading from the driver.
  • Changed: Some improvements in memory handling.


  • New: Gpu (cuda) throttle support. An independent Gpu trottle for nvidia.
  • Changed: Some improvements in memory handling.


  • Changed: An attempt to correct the temperature on a AMD 10h family processors.


  • New: Additional information for the 10h AMD processors.
  • Changed: Checks running the 32 version of TThrottle on a 64 bit Windows version. Redirects to the download page.
  • Error: X64 only: Did not detect the BOINC directory.


  • New: 64 support, all programs fully 64 bit.
  • Changed: Better AMD support.
  • Changed: Driver updated to 1.6, did not always show all cores.