Download BOINC for Android

This is a BOINC version for Android without an interface to add projects.
You need an external GUI like BoincTasks or BOINC Manager.

Don’t forget to read the WARNINGS here.

Before you start downloading read the install instruction here.

Download BOINC for BoincTasks (Android) Stable (NONE at the moment)

Download BETA.

Version history

1.8 November 2020 Beta

Added: Icon showing if the BOINC client is up and running or down
Fixed: Incorrect Allow WiFi IP addresses stored

1.7 November 2020 Beta

Added: Additional logging while starting and stopping the GUI Thread
Fixed: The GUI settings menu didn’t work correctly

1.6 November 2020 Beta

Added: Extra WiFi detection and logging
Fixed: If the external connecting is not responding, restart it

1.5 November 2020 Beta

Added: A check in setup to start at reboot
Added:  Show a message when another BOINC client is running
Changed: Domain name now shows the hardware, like samsungexynos9810
Changed: Removed the screen orientation lock.
Changed: On charger keeps updating the results.
Fixed: Delay restarting the BOINC client when it shuts down, avoiding a constant restart
Fixed: WiFi detection, now the same everywhere in the App

1.4 November 2020 Release

Fixed: BoincTasks for Android, crash on larger messages
Fixed: Persistent on (re)boot
Fixed: GUI lost connection with BONC client

1.2 November 2020 Beta

Added: Run on batteries
Fixed: Connection sometimes showed Disabled
Fixed: Several small bugs

1.1 November 2020 Beta

Added: Connection layer for BoincTasks for Android
Added: Minimum battery level
Fixed: Lost BOINC Client (increased update to 5 seconds)
Fixed: Crash on older phone.

1.0 November 2020 Beta

  • Initial release version